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R&B Beat

2008-11-05 20:19:41 by KidKlover

So yeah rapping is fun, but I feel like doin more soul and R&B and if anyone has a beat that applies to anything i just briefly described. lol Holla at me. PS Im still doin hip hop but I would be lucky to get any recordin done because Im a cheap ass with no mic and Kill Bill is my only way of recordin. lol

Apreciate it.

I'm lookin for a beat.

2007-12-22 20:33:34 by KidKlover

I need a beat to spit on, if anyone isn't usin a beat I need somethin for some new material, it would really be appreciated. Peace.


2007-12-21 19:02:45 by KidKlover

Hey its ya mayne Kid Klover and I just officially started. Dj NiteMare my main man is showing me the ropes to this rap shit. So holla at me when ya get the chance, I 'll start workin on some new material.